As part of the Minetown Revamp, we are also revamping the way appeals are handled, as well as the length of bans imposed. Ban lengths are now broken down into category, by the type of offense committed.

You will also see staff members that are Mod and up handling ban appeals. This does not mean you may post in this section, unless:

1. You are posting an appeal, or
2. You are asked to contribute.

If you do post when you're not permitted to do so, you will be temporarily banned for 48 hours. There are no exceptions to this.

New Banning Policy

Excessive swearing after progressive warnings
Follow mute, kick, then ban (depends on severity)
1 day to 1 week
Length depends on severity

Excessive spamming after progressive warnings
Follow mute, kick, then ban
1 day to 1 week

Inappropriate skin (1st offense)
Must verify the skin has been changed
Ban lasts until the skin is changed

Inappropriate skin (2nd offense)

Insulting staff members and/or other players
Initial level depends on severity, and is progressive
1 - 2 weeks
2 - 1 month
3 - 2 months
4 - 4 months

Length depends on history and severity
2 weeks to permanent

Hacking or Cheating
1 to 2 months

X-ray Cheats
1 week to permanent
Depending on amount of materials obtained using xray

Exploiting glitches
1 month to permanent

Accepting inappropriately obtained items
Knowingly accepting items from a staff member that were spawned in, and not the result of a refund and/or duplicating.
Accepting duplicated items.
2 weeks to 6 months


A permanent ban may be issued at any time, depending on the offense.